We’re back at it again! We love sharing and highlighting the amazing shots you get of David Thompson Country and something we’ve noticed every time we’ve done this is just how many talented photographers seem to live and breathe adventure. The breathtaking times never seem to stop, so with that in mind, we put together some of the most epic adventure photos we came across, a greatest hits if you will. We’re confident in saying these are some of THE BEST year-round pictures of area and we hope you agree. Happy exploring, travellers!

1. Just going for a quick helicopter ride at Coliseum Mountain

Coliseum Mountain Bike Helicopter

2. You can never be too young to start hiking through Nordegg

Fall camping & hikes ⛺️🍂

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3. Peeking through the clouds

You don’t need to be a bird to get a birds eye view. Join along as @Duracell is giving everyone the opportunity to see things differently with the first ever drone flight across Canada for #explorer150! To tune in just visit bit.ly/explorer150 or click the link in my bio to fly along and celebrate Canada’s 150th! Remember please drone responsibly. #explorecanada #canada150 #sponsored

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4. The snow shouldn’t stop you from being able to go for a rip when you please! Crimson Lake Provincial Park is the perfect place to go for a winter bike ride.

Fatbiking on the Amerada Trail at Crimson Lake Provincial Park

5. Looking for a grip at the End of the Line

Often getting all four limbs of someone ice is challenging. There always seems to be a hand or foot hidden from view. Having the ice on the back wall of End of the Line made it easy for Grier to stem out, otherwise his right foot would likely be out of view.

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6. Camping by the river

Camping a few weeks ago in the #davidthompsoncorridor . #explorealberta #camping #lakeabraham

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7. Frozen lakes, methane bubble and one awesome family outing

Abraham Lake in the winter

8. Taking on Abraham Lake

Love this little windswept adventurer… #tbt #explorealberta

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9. Taking in the tall sights

Exploring new and interesting places. • • • #exploring #forest #wildernessculture #trees #forestfires #photography #hiking #outdoors #davidthompsoncountry #offthebeatenpath #📷 #canada #🏔 #mountains

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10. Nordegg can definitely provide opportunities for lifelong memories

Some happy campers 🏔🏔🌲 #ooobaby

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11. Siffleur Falls looks great any time of year


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12. You’d want to stop your car for this

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13. Reflection by the Rockies

More weekends like this please 🌲🏔🇨🇦 #canadianrockies

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14. Have pupper, will travel

Jake the dog is a #scrambler 😂. #jakethedoganddakotathehuman #jakethedog #lovelife #canada150 #exploringbirthmotherearth #explorealberta #clearwatercounty #canada #rockclimbingdog #scrambler #allstonelaketrail

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15. Exploring new trails on Coliseum Mountain

Coliseum Mountain Biking

Now it’s your turn! Here are a few of the places mentioned above….

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