• Must Do Canada Videos of David Thompson Country

    Must Do Canada is a blogging couple who have travelled across the country showing off some the best experiences in Canada.  We have been very fortunate to be showcased in several of their videos and blog articles and we have enjoyed working with them. The following are links to Must Do Canada’s visits in David […]

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  • Trail Blazers Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway

    The following are some of the stories about getting the David Thompson Highway built from Rocky Mountain House out to the Banff National Park. Thank you to the Rocky Mountain House Museum for sharing their information and pictures with us. “Rocky Mountain House was the end of the road west, literally, until local businessman Ernie […]

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  • Scrambles around Nordegg and Abraham Lake in David Thompson Country

    We are very blessed with hikes and trails of varying difficulty and unique beauty. Scrambles have become quite popular over the past several years. Brett Pawlyk has written a book about Scrambles in David Thompson Country and has graciously shared the following excerpt with us. The complete book with descriptions and maps of many scrambles […]

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  • 10 Activities We Miss in 2020 and Look Forward to in 2021

    2020 has been a very unusual year. Many events and businesses have had to postpone their activities until next year.  Here is our list of 10 things we miss in 2020 and look forward to in 2021. Parades – Caroline holds a parade on the May long weekend, and Rocky Mountain House has one usually […]

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  • Maps and Brochures for David Thompson Country

    We have so many places to see and hikes to do that it is hard to list them all.  Here is brochure that help you find many of the places to explore and enjoy.                               Here is a larger map version […]

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  • 4 Popular Bike Trails in David Thompson Country

    David Thompson Country has Mountain Biking Trails for the downhill enthusiast and the just for fun biker. Here are 4 of the most popular biking trails in DTCountry. Baseline Mountain about 60 kms SW of Rocky Mountain House off Highway 752 in Clearwater County.  There are actually about a dozen trails that have been created […]

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  • Crescent Falls

    12 Adventures so far for Winter 2019/2020 in David Thompson Country

    So far this has been a pretty nice winter, with the exception of a bitter week of -40 in January.  A nice winter means better weather for being outside.  These are 12 of our favorite adventure pictures/videos from winter so far.   Flying around David Thompson Country with Rockies Heli Canada near Nordegg. View this […]

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  • 13 Activities We Are Looking Forward To This Winter 2019/2020

    There are so many winter adventures to do in David Thompson Country.  From hiking and snowshoeing, to frozen waterfalls and wagon rides, here are 13 activities we look forward to this winter. Riverview Country Christmas with wagon rides, Christmas Shop, and many, many lights. Posted by Riverview Country Christmas on Friday, November 30, 2018 2. Hiking […]

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  • fishing in David Thompson Country

    13 Summer Adventure Pictures in David Thompson Country – August 30, 2019

      It was a wet year and we didn’t see many hot days, but the views were still wonderful, the hikes amazing, and the camping always fun.  Here are some of our favorite summer adventures in David Thompson Country for 2019. Whitewater Rafting with Hunter Valley Adventures on the Red Deer River in the southern […]

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  • Wildhorse Mountain Ranch

    12 Pictures of Summer Fun in David Thompson Country – April 15, 2019

    Now that the snow is disappearing, we can think of spring and summer adventures. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from past summers of people enjoying warmer weather in David Thompson Country.   Canoeing and rafting the North Saskatchewan River with HeLa Ventures and their Mountain Adventure School. View this post on Instagram […]

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  • 12 Pictures of Winter Adventure in David Thompson Country 2018/2019

    Winter adventure awaits in David Thompson Country! Scenery, hiking, skating, or doing a polar bear dip, it’s here to enjoy!  Here are 12 of our favorite winter adventure pictures from this past year. Hiking and exploring with Rockies Heli around Nordegg and Abraham Lake. View this post on Instagram Almost time ❄️PC: @tomas.kulaja + @precious_thay25. […]

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  • 12 Pictures of Awesomeness for the Summer of 2018 in DTCountry!

    There was sun, fun, rain, smoke and wind, but in the end the summer of 2018 was awesome in David Thompson Country!  Here are a few of our favorite pictures that people have shared while in DTCountry this summer. A rainbow to remember while hiking near Nordegg. View this post on Instagram Has anyone ever […]

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  • 10 Pictures of 2018 Summer Adventures in David Thompson Country

    The weather has been amazing so far this summer, making for a great time to hike, bike, canoe, or just sit around the campsite playing games or reading a good book. Here are some of our favorite pictures of David Thompson Country so far for the summer of 2018.   Exploring the North Saskatchewan River […]

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  • 12 Instagram Posts Making Us Dream of Summer in David Thompson Country

    This winter has been fun, but we are definitely dreaming of Summer!  Canoeing, swimming, hiking, camping, biking, and so much more!  Here are some of our favorite Instagram pictures that will make you think of sunshine and green hills too. Mountain Biking out near Nordegg. View this post on Instagram "This bike course has the […]

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  • 12 Great Instagram Pictures of David Thompson Country – Winter 2017/2018

    So many people are taking such great pictures in David Thompson Country that we have to share some of them.  It has been a wonderful winter with lots of snow, cold temperatures to freeze up the lakes and waterfalls, and enough wind to keep a certain lake clear most of the time.  We love the […]

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  • David Thompson Country winter

    Our Top 15 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Year-Round Adventure Edition

    We’re back at it again! We love sharing and highlighting the amazing shots you get of David Thompson Country and something we’ve noticed every time we’ve done this is just how many talented photographers seem to live and breathe adventure. The breathtaking times never seem to stop, so with that in mind, we put together […]

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  • Crescent Falls hike Alberta

    3 More Incredible Hikes in David Thompson Country

    3 unique and unforgettable hikes to explore in David Thompson Country. Experience the best trails in west Central Alberta.

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  • Rocky Mountain House Historic Site

    Heritage Abound: Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

    Planning a trip to Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site? Excellent! You’re all set to explore nature, learn about Indigenous culture, and enjoy a new experience. But with so many adventures on site, how can you be sure that you don’t miss out? Not to worry, we sat down with our helpful friends at Rocky […]

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  • Nordegg-Alberta

    3 Fly Fishing Spots in David Thompson Country

    The saying goes that a day fishing is a day well spent. Around these parts, with our mountain views, bluffs and meandering rivers and creeks – that saying holds even more true. David Thompson Country offers some of the best fly fishing spots in all of Alberta. Here are 3 of our favourites in west […]

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  • Beaver Creek Mercantile

    Patchwork: An interview with Beaver Creek Mercantile

    Looking for the perfect place to learn and create something new? Beaver Creek Mercantile is a unique traditional quilt store to explore, for both new and experienced creators. Have a few questions about what this shop is all about? Want to learn more about how they give back to the community? Look no further! We […]

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