Must Do Canada is a blogging couple who have travelled across the country showing off some the best experiences in Canada.  We have been very fortunate to be showcased in several of their videos and blog articles and we have enjoyed working with them.

The following are links to Must Do Canada’s visits in David Thompson Country.  Some of their travels here have been combined with visits to other places in Alberta as well.

Visiting the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

Excerpt – “We started off our visit with the visitor centre, learning about the site, admiring artifacts, and learning about the legendary explorer David Thompson. We even experienced some virtual reality, something I didn’t expect at a historic site. This is a fantastic modern way of getting people involved, especially the younger generations, and keeping them interested in our past. We then proceeded outside to walk the trails at our own pace, starting with some of the archeological sites, some of which still have the original chimney’s. In fact, those are practically the only original things that remained at the site. After all, everything was made with wood and due to both fire and people taking the wood to re-use, nothing really survived.”

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Visiting Nordegg, Abraham Lake and Ram Falls

Excerpt – “Located in magical David Thompson Country, smack dab in the middle of both the incredible Icefields Parkway and the Cowboy Trail, Nordegg is a picturesque community that’s perfect for the outdoor adventurer. From exploring its historic mine to hitting the road and exploring some of Alberta’s most stunning natural scenery, Nordegg is a great base for getting out into some of Canada’s most spectacular nature.”

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Winter Visit with a Rockies Heli Snowshoe Tour and the Ice Bubbles of Abraham Lake

Excerpt – “Living in Alberta and not far from the mountains, I’m blown away by how many new places we find each and every year. Whether it’s a new activity like heli-snowshoeing or a lake with gas bubbles frozen beneath the surface, there’s nowhere quite like the Canadian Rockies to spend the winter months!”

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Climbing Mount Stelfox with Girth Hitch Guiding while Exploring Indigenous Tourism in Alberta

Excerpt – “Our next adventure was totally different as we drove north to Nordegg to join Girth Hitch Guiding for a Via Ferrata mountain climbing experience. Our guide, Tim Taylor, a proud Métis man, created his company to share adventures that guarantee challenge and growth. This is one of the common threads we found throughout our indigenous adventure. All the guides, whether Métis or First Nation, shared a much deeper connection with their surroundings than we’ve typically experienced. Tim Taylor, for example, has a profound appreciation for the David Thompson corridor. He also has a profound appreciation for what he does, and throughout the day, we came to see him as one of the best guides we’ve experienced. You could tell from start to finish that he cares so deeply for the people he takes on an adventure.”

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Visiting Sundre and the Southern Part of David Thompson Country

Sundre itself is just outside of David Thompson Country, but many of the experiences shown in this video (Upper Red Deer River, Bighorn Falls, the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, parts of the Panther Valley) are west of Sundre and in our region.

Excerpt – “When it comes to outdoor activities, one of our favourite things to do is to go white water rafting. There are loads of opportunities around the mountains and the best one in this neck of the woods is the Red Deer River. We went with Mukwah Rafting and not only is the drive to get there beautiful (keep your eyes open for wild horses) but the rafting is both fun and relaxing. “

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