Looking for the perfect place to learn and create something new? Beaver Creek Mercantile is a unique traditional quilt store to explore, for both new and experienced creators. Have a few questions about what this shop is all about? Want to learn more about how they give back to the community? Look no further! We sat down with our friends at Beaver Creek to find out everything you need to know about this quliting gem in David Thompson Country.

1. What inspired the creation of Beaver Creek Mercantile?

I have always been the type of person to have the passion and drive to run a home business. I have been sewing for essentially my entire life, and quilting for about the last ten years. I decided to take these two passions of mine and turn them into something I can share with the world around me, and it has definitely been a fulfilling experience.

2. What’s your inspiration for some of your designs?

I consider the store to be a very traditional quilt store, and my designs are reflections of what I see around me. We cater to the area, so things such as wildlife, nature and farming that are a large part of the community and are often resembled through my creations.

3. Do you offer classes?

Yes! We have one member of our team who offers a variety of different classes in Caroline. We offer numerous teaching opportunities, such as quilting, bag making classes, wallet making classes, and more, so there’s a new skill for everybody!

4. Aside from quilts, what else is available at your location?

We do carry some antique glassware; however, we are seeing that less and less in our store as cotton fabric remains our largest selling feature. Majority of the product we sell is the fabric itself, and the quilts we create are often sample pieces.

5. Are customers able to purchase custom quilts?

Our customers usually buy the fabric and make their products on their own, but when we create sample pieces they are available for sale. We actually only sell about 5% of our quilts, as we donate a lot of products to charity. During the fire crisis in Fort McMurray, we gave away around 700 metres of product, and sent up over 200 quilts to families in need between my customers and myself. I’ve noticed that a large portion of my clientele really loves giving back to the community, and that’s great to see. We also do promos for local cancer groups in the area, the women’s shelter, the Ronald McDonald House and the children’s hospital in Calgary. Essentially, we try to help anyone who needs a quilt!

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