So many people are taking such great pictures in David Thompson Country that we have to share some of them.  It has been a wonderful winter with lots of snow, cold temperatures to freeze up the lakes and waterfalls, and enough wind to keep a certain lake clear most of the time.  We love the pictures and are very happy to show off some of the ones that made us smile.  Here are 12 Great Instagram Pictures of David Thompson Country – Winter 2017/2018.

1. Big Horn Sheep use the David Thompson Highway.

2.   Cline River Canyon is amazing in the summer, but it is beautiful in the winter too.

3.   The Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles have become one of the most popular winter destinations in Alberta.  They are very cool, but it takes a good strong wind to keep the lake clear so you can see them.

4.  Klondike Ventures sent us this picture to share and we love it.  What a great way to spend some time outside in the snow.

5.  We know that for many of you when you see a frozen waterfall the first thing you think of is “I have to climb that.”  Crescent Falls is a great place to visit all year round, but it is more physically demanding in the winter.

6.  Crimson Lake Provincial Park near Rocky Mountain House floods the road going from a parking lot down to the boat launch, making a long loop of a skating trail.

7.  The North Saskatchewan River near the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site is a great setting all year round.  In addition to the incredible amount of Canadian history, it is a great place to walk, bike, or just watch the river go by.

8.  Camp food is awesome, and in the winter it tastes even better.  This series (click on the side of the picture to see more) shows off the joys of winter campfire food.

9.  Frontier Lodge trains people on their man-made ice wall and then takes them out to frozen waterfalls.  So cool!  This series shows some students learning the best way, outdoors.

10.  Abraham Lake is most famous for the ice bubbles, but it has some other things going for it too.

11.  Some of the hikes are more difficult with snow, but the view is worth it.

12.  Clear skies, northern lights and Abraham Lake.  What more could we want in a picture?

Bonus – We couldn’t resist sharing this one.
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