So, you’re ready to embark on an epic journey through the wilderness. But you have some questions before you set out, we get it. Exploring through the wilderness can be an amazing experience, but it can be intimidating if you aren’t sure of what to expect. Skaid Wilderness Adventures is the perfect way for adventurers of all skill levels to explore the outdoors in a safe and unique way. That’s why we sat down with experts at Skadi Wilderness Adventures to answer some of your most pressing questions to help you prepare for your outdoor expedition in David Thompson Country.

1. What exactly does Skadi Wilderness Adventures offer?

Skadi Wilderness Adventures offers tailor-made experiences for individuals or groups in the unspoiled backcountry of the Bighorn Region, west of Nordegg. We offer a variety of training from corporate team building to specialized skills training for individuals or groups. Should you wish to come out and experience a unique setting deep in the heart of the Rockies, we offer snowshoeing, hiking, backcountry skiing, interpretive and ecological tours, wilderness camping, survival skills and man tracking courses.

Unique to Skadi Wilderness Adventures is our ability to offer Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for individuals or groups working in risk associated or insecure environments. HEAT provides professionals with the know-how and skills to deal with real time threats on the ground, and is based on our own years of experience working across the globe in conflict zones and with the military.

2. What can I expect on a Skadi Wilderness Adventure?

You can expect to be challenged, entertained, informed and encouraged as your experience deepens your understanding and passion for our unique Canadian wild spaces.

3. How do I pick the right adventure for me?

The sky’s the limit! We suggest that you contact us directly to discuss your interests, your skill and fitness levels as well as what you wish to get out of your experience with us. This way we can manage expectations and ensure that your time with us is all you hoped it to be.

4. How should I prepare?

As our base is not accessible by motorized vehicle, a certain level of fitness is required to hike into camp. Ensuring you have the right equipment and clothing for the activity you’re undertaking is essential, and we offer a packing list to help you bring the bare necessities.

5. Is it dangerous?

All outdoor activities have a certain level of risk. However, we always carefully manage risks and will not undertake any activity without a trained and certified guide (where necessary) and reserve the right to cancel an activity should the situation warrant.

6. What inspired Skadi Wilderness Adventures?

We are passionate advocates for preserving the Rocky Mountain ecosystem for generations to come. We want people to come and experience the wild as nature intended, free from the daily interference that distracts from revelling in the wonders of nature. As professionals who have spent careers spanning the globe, we deeply appreciate the beauty of our region and realize how special it is and the urgent need to protect these pristine spaces. Skadi Wilderness Adventures was created to enable people to discover and appreciate our amazing wild spaces for themselves and perhaps become advocates for creating more protected spaces.

7. How long has Skadi Adventures been operating?

As of 2017, we have been operational for almost four years.

8. What are some of the most interesting sights I can expect to see?

Our favourite activities are animal tracking and interpretive tours, as well as our ridge walks that allow you to scope the mountain ranges all the way into the National Parks.

9. What are some insider tips I should know?

Our hammocks are a great way to enjoy the smells, sights and sounds of a remote destination in the front ranges of the Rockies. Bring a book to relax and read after a long day of hiking or skiing. We’ll provide the hot chocolate and home baking!

10. What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve ever experienced on an adventure?

The area’s local wolf pack provides entertainment at night and the opportunity to sing along with the wolves by the campfire. There’s nothing like the connection you feel to the wild with the call and response of nature at your doorstep!

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