There was sun, fun, rain, smoke and wind, but in the end the summer of 2018 was awesome in David Thompson Country!  Here are a few of our favorite pictures that people have shared while in DTCountry this summer.

  1. A rainbow to remember while hiking near Nordegg.

2. Rafting the North Saskatchewan River with the team from the Goldeye Centre near Nordegg.

3.  Enjoying the mountain experience from a horse riding point of view with JKL Trail Rides.

4.  Viewing Abraham Lake from a hike above.

5. Looking at the mountains from Ride The Wind Ranch B&B near Rocky Mountain House.

6. Hiking Vision Quest west of Nordegg looking at Abraham Lake.

7. Building Inukshuks at Crescent Falls near Nordegg.

8. Canoeing the North Saskatchewan River near Rocky Mountain House with HeLa Ventures.

9. Watching the not-so-dark skies on Abraham Lake west of Nordegg.

10.  Riding the trails west of Nordegg with McKenenzie’s Trails West.

11. Taking a tour of the Nordegg Mine Site.

12.  Seeing David Thompson Country from a helicopter with Rockies Heli Tours.

Bonus pictures

Just a reminder of what Autumn can look like in David Thompson Country.

People are already asking about tours of the Ice Bubbles and frozen waterfalls with Pursuit Adventures.


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