• 12 Instagram Posts Making Us Dream of Summer in David Thompson Country

    This winter has been fun, but we are definitely dreaming of Summer!  Canoeing, swimming, hiking, camping, biking, and so much more!  Here are some of our favorite Instagram pictures that will make you think of sunshine and green hills too. Mountain Biking out near Nordegg. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUkVfkkD8MK/?taken-by=frontierlodge 2.  Horseback riding and camping all over Clearwater County. […]

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  • 12 Great Instagram Pictures of David Thompson Country – Winter 2017/2018

    So many people are taking such great pictures in David Thompson Country that we have to share some of them.  It has been a wonderful winter with lots of snow, cold temperatures to freeze up the lakes and waterfalls, and enough wind to keep a certain lake clear most of the time.  We love the […]

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  • David Thompson Country winter

    Our Top 15 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Year-Round Adventure Edition

    We’re back at it again! We love sharing and highlighting the amazing shots you get of David Thompson Country and something we’ve noticed every time we’ve done this is just how many talented photographers seem to live and breathe adventure. The breathtaking times never seem to stop, so with that in mind, we put together […]

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  • Crescent Falls hike Alberta

    3 More Incredible Hikes in David Thompson Country

    3 unique and unforgettable hikes to explore in David Thompson Country. Experience the best trails in west Central Alberta.

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  • Rocky Mountain House Historic Site

    Heritage Abound: Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

    Planning a trip to Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site? Excellent! You’re all set to explore nature, learn about Indigenous culture, and enjoy a new experience. But with so many adventures on site, how can you be sure that you don’t miss out? Not to worry, we sat down with our helpful friends at Rocky […]

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  • Nordegg-Alberta

    3 Fly Fishing Spots in David Thompson Country

    The saying goes that a day fishing is a day well spent. Around these parts, with our mountain views, bluffs and meandering rivers and creeks – that saying holds even more true. David Thompson Country offers some of the best fly fishing spots in all of Alberta. Here are 3 of our favourites in west […]

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  • Beaver Creek Mercantile

    Patchwork: An interview with Beaver Creek Mercantile

    Looking for the perfect place to learn and create something new? Beaver Creek Mercantile is a unique traditional quilt store to explore, for both new and experienced creators. Have a few questions about what this shop is all about? Want to learn more about how they give back to the community? Look no further! We […]

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  • JKL Trail Rides David Thompson Country

    Giddy Up: Adventures with JKL Trail Rides

    When you think of the ultimate Alberta vacation – mountains and horses are likely two of the things that come to mind. Lucky for you, JKL Trail Rides conveniently combines these two elements – giving you the chance to enjoy a bucket-list worthy experience within a day’s drive of Calgary and Edmonton. With two locations in David […]

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  • Aurum Lodge Alberta

    An Eco-Tourism Stay in David Thompson Country: Aurum Lodge

    Nestled in the wilderness of David Thompson Country is Aurum Lodge an eco-friendly lodge that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the area while having as little negative impact on the environment as possible. We sat down with our friends at Aurum lodge to discuss what guests can experience during their stay, and why […]

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  • Skadi Wilderness Adventures - David Thompson Country

    Skadi Wilderness Adventures: What Can I Expect?

    So, you’re ready to embark on an epic journey through the wilderness. But you have some questions before you set out, we get it. Exploring through the wilderness can be an amazing experience, but it can be intimidating if you aren’t sure of what to expect. Skaid Wilderness Adventures is the perfect way for adventurers […]

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  • Siffleur Falls hike Alberta

    4 Incredible Hiking Trails in David Thompson Country

    So, you’re ready to escape the ordinary and hit the trails, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! David Thompson Country is home to beautiful hidden gems for both hiking experts and afternoon strollers alike. Having trouble picking the best trail for you? Check out this guide to discover some of our favourite trails […]

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  • Hiking David Thompson Country

    Our 15 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Trails Edition

    You did it again travellers! You impressed us yet again with your incredible Instagram photos of David Thompson Country. Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to showcase your adventures in our Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Trails Edition. Thanks for sharing all the fun!

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  • Beaverdam David Thompson Country

    Our Top 19 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Landscape Edition

    Your photos of David Thompson Country just keep getting better and better! We had so much fun seeing your adventures in our Top 15 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Water Edition article that we decided we just had to write a sequel. This time, your photographic mission was to capture the landscape of the area. As usual, you never cease to amaze us, travellers!

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  • Water Fun David Thompson Country

    Our Top 17 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Water Edition

    Travellers of David Thompson Country always take the most amazing photos of the area, and we love when you share them with us! We love them so much, in fact, that we decided to make a list of some of our top favourite Instagram photos of the beautiful waters of David Thompson Country. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Siffleur Falls Hike Alberta

    Siffleur Falls: One of Alberta’s Most Underrated Hikes

    Featuring a breathtaking suspension bridge, two river crossings (North Saskatchewan and Siffleur), a boardwalk portion, panoramic canyon and mountain views, lush forested sections, the quietude of the Alberta backcountry and 3 thundering waterfalls – Siffleur Falls Trail is a impressive hike.

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  • David Thompson Country

    3 Unique, Unforgettable Stays in West Central Alberta

    If you’re anything like us, you want every moment of your travels to be special. Everything from the wild adventures that left you breathless, to where you rested your head at night.

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  • Nordegg-David-Thompson-Country

    3 Hidden Gems in David Thompson Country

    Where do you go when you want to experience quiet magnificence in Alberta? I am sure you will get a variety of answers depending on who you ask. Only a handful of places can genuinely fit the bill.

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