• Exploring David Thompson Country for Beginners by Ramnik Kaur

    Ramnik Kaur has written a blog post about Exploring David Thompson Country for beginners and has shared it with us. You can find her original blog post at https://ramnikenroute.com/blog/exploring-david-thompson-country-for-beginners   Exploring David Thompson Country for beginners David Thompson Country (DTC) is located in West Central Alberta (Treaties 6 & 7 Territory). It’s a hidden gem […]

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  • “Nordegg In Winter” Book Release

    Brett Pawlyk and Annabelle Oung have just released a new book, “Nordegg in Winter”, a companion to their previous book, “David Thompson Country: A Scrambling Guide.”  It can be purchased at the Nordegg Canteen, the Beehive Artisans Market in Nordegg, or on Amazon.ca, and coming to more stores across Alberta soon. Here is the Introduction […]

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  • Girth Hitch Guiding Safety Tips

    Through the year of 2020 and now into 2021 there have been large spikes of new excited people venturing out into the wilderness and backcountry areas that we are lucky to have access to here in Alberta. A huge part of successful outdoor activities (especially those in the winter) is a good knowledge of safety […]

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  • Landslide Lake Hiking and Backcountry Camping – by Dustin Cressey

    Landslide Lake Hiking and Backcountry Camping – by Dustin Cressey A pinnacle of David Thompson Country, this turquoise blue lake and the surrounding wilderness lie undisturbed, only accessible by air or foot. Thankfully, with a bit of preparation and commitment, you will find yourself watching the sunset from its welcoming shores, awaiting Alberta’s starry skies. […]

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  • Hiking and Camping at Kinglet Lake – by Dustin Cressey

    Hiking and Camping at Kinglet Lake – by Dustin Cressey The Highway 11 Corridor is home to some of Alberta’s most pristine outdoor spaces. It hugs the edges of the Rocky Mountains and contours the shores of Lake Abraham, creating a cinematic experience for all who venture this way. Most will head to Coliseum Mountain, […]

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  • Must Do Canada Videos of David Thompson Country

    Must Do Canada is a blogging couple who have travelled across the country showing off some the best experiences in Canada.  We have been very fortunate to be showcased in several of their videos and blog articles and we have enjoyed working with them. The following are links to Must Do Canada’s visits in David […]

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  • Scrambles around Nordegg and Abraham Lake in David Thompson Country

    We are very blessed with hikes and trails of varying difficulty and unique beauty. Scrambles have become quite popular over the past several years. Brett Pawlyk has written a book about Scrambles in David Thompson Country and has graciously shared the following excerpt with us. The complete book with descriptions and maps of many scrambles […]

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  • 4 Popular Bike Trails in David Thompson Country

    David Thompson Country has Mountain Biking Trails for the downhill enthusiast and the just for fun biker. Here are 4 of the most popular biking trails in DTCountry. Baseline Mountain about 60 kms SW of Rocky Mountain House off Highway 752 in Clearwater County.  There are actually about a dozen trails that have been created […]

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  • fishing in David Thompson Country

    13 Summer Adventure Pictures in David Thompson Country – August 30, 2019

      It was a wet year and we didn’t see many hot days, but the views were still wonderful, the hikes amazing, and the camping always fun.  Here are some of our favorite summer adventures in David Thompson Country for 2019. Whitewater Rafting with Hunter Valley Adventures on the Red Deer River in the southern […]

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  • Wildhorse Mountain Ranch

    12 Pictures of Summer Fun in David Thompson Country – April 15, 2019

    Now that the snow is disappearing, we can think of spring and summer adventures. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from past summers of people enjoying warmer weather in David Thompson Country.   Canoeing and rafting the North Saskatchewan River with HeLa Ventures and their Mountain Adventure School. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_W1P5BwEk/ 2.  Enjoying the mountain […]

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  • 12 Pictures of Winter Adventure in David Thompson Country 2018/2019

    Winter adventure awaits in David Thompson Country! Scenery, hiking, skating, or doing a polar bear dip, it’s here to enjoy!  Here are 12 of our favorite winter adventure pictures from this past year. Hiking and exploring with Rockies Heli around Nordegg and Abraham Lake. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqSg68QB4lO/ 2.  Hiking at Ram Falls on the Forestry trunk Road […]

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  • 12 Pictures of Awesomeness for the Summer of 2018 in DTCountry!

    There was sun, fun, rain, smoke and wind, but in the end the summer of 2018 was awesome in David Thompson Country!  Here are a few of our favorite pictures that people have shared while in DTCountry this summer. A rainbow to remember while hiking near Nordegg. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlePcRHF42R/?taken-by=88hannah88 2. Rafting the North Saskatchewan River with […]

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  • Crescent Falls hike Alberta

    3 More Incredible Hikes in David Thompson Country

    3 unique and unforgettable hikes to explore in David Thompson Country. Experience the best trails in west Central Alberta.

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  • Siffleur Falls hike Alberta

    4 Incredible Hiking Trails in David Thompson Country

    So, you’re ready to escape the ordinary and hit the trails, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! David Thompson Country is home to beautiful hidden gems for both hiking experts and afternoon strollers alike. Having trouble picking the best trail for you? Check out this guide to discover some of our favourite trails […]

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  • Hiking David Thompson Country

    Our 15 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Trails Edition

    You did it again travellers! You impressed us yet again with your incredible Instagram photos of David Thompson Country. Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to showcase your adventures in our Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Trails Edition. Thanks for sharing all the fun!

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  • Water Fun David Thompson Country

    Our Top 17 Favourite Instagram Photos of David Thompson Country: Water Edition

    Travellers of David Thompson Country always take the most amazing photos of the area, and we love when you share them with us! We love them so much, in fact, that we decided to make a list of some of our top favourite Instagram photos of the beautiful waters of David Thompson Country. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Siffleur Falls Hike Alberta

    Siffleur Falls: One of Alberta’s Most Underrated Hikes

    Featuring a breathtaking suspension bridge, two river crossings (North Saskatchewan and Siffleur), a boardwalk portion, panoramic canyon and mountain views, lush forested sections, the quietude of the Alberta backcountry and 3 thundering waterfalls – Siffleur Falls Trail is a impressive hike.

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